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Fernando Berzal Galiano
Computer Engineer
PhD in Computer Science
ACM Senior Member & IEEE Computer Society Member

Numerical Cruncher

Open-source software - Java



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Numerical Cruncher (NC) is a Java 2 applet/application which collects some of the most important algorithms used in Pattern Recognition. It accepts data in different formats.

NC directly reads simple ASCII files (as C4.5 or LVQ_PAK) and RAW images. It can also access to a local or remote database using JDBC (Java DataBase Connectivity), the standard CLI (Call-Level Interface) for the Java programming language. When executed as an applet, it only accepts data obtained via JDBC.

NC works in English and also in Spanish (using the language parameter). Furthermore, it has an online HTML help system in both languages.

File downloads

Documentación HTML Documentation
The online help files in Spanish and, of course, in English. Read them to understand what NC can be used for.

Código fuente Source code
Feel free to use it when needed.
Many comments in the code are only in Spanish, sorry :-)

Bytecodes Bytecodes
As an application, Numerical Cruncher requires JRE 1.2. As an applet, it has been tested using Netscape Navigator 4.04 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0

Nano Server JDBC Nano Server
Try this if you cannot access to any database server
Run server.bat and use the corresponding NC preset.

Datos Sample datasets
Two image sets (GALAXY & IGALIKO) and some typical ASCII datasets. They can be used running NC as an application

Macros MS-DOS batch files
Used to run the standalone applications and applets packaged with NC.
i.e. NC GUI, Nano Server and all the different algorithms in NC.

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