IEEE ICDM 2004 Workshop on
Alternative Techniques
for Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

November 1st, 2004, Brighton, UK

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Workshop final program

  Jerzy Grzymala Busse (invited speaker):
A rough set approach to data with missing attribute values
PDF document Didier Dubois, Eyke Huellermeier (invited speaker) & Henri Prade:
A Systematic Approach to the Assessment of Fuzzy Association Rules
PDF document José Ramón Cano, Francisco Herrera & Manuel Lozano:
Evolutionary Stratified Instance Selection applied to Training Set Selection for Extracting High Precise-Interpretable Classification Rules
PDF document Qinghua Hu & Daren Yu:
Fuzzy Probability Approximation Space and Its Information Measures
PDF document Noriaki Kawamae & Katsumi Takahashi:
Collaborative Filtering Based on Latent Classes
PDF document Frank Klawonn & Katharina Tschumitschew:
Heading for Interpretable Adaptive Nearest Neighbour Classifiers
PDF document Marek Sikora & Pawel Proksa:
Induction of decision and association rules for knowledge discovery in industrial databases
PDF document Yu Hirate, Eigo Iwahashi & Hayato Yamana:
TF2P-growth: An Efficient Algorithm for Mining Frequent Patterns without any Thresholds
PDF document F. Berzal, J.C. Cubero, D. Sánchez, M.A. Vila, J. Calero, G. Delgado & J.M. Serrano:
A Fuzzy Data Mining Application Over User Knowledge Involving Fuzzy Resemblance Relations
PDF document Francisco Guil, Alfonso Bosch, Antonio Bailón & Roque Marín:
A Fuzzy Approach for Mining Generalized Frequent Temporal Patterns
PDF document Zunxiong Liu, Zhijun Kuang & Deyun Zhang:
Short-term Load Forecasting Method Based on Wavelet and Reconstructed Phase Space
PDF document Fernando Berzal, Juan-Carlos Cubero, Nicolás Marín & Matías Gámez:
Anomalous Association Rules
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held in conjunction with the Fourth IEEE
International Conference on Data Mining

Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence - University of Granada - Spain