IEEE ICDM 2005 workshop on
Computational Intelligence in Data Mining
November 27th, 2005, Houston, Texas, USA

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Workshop program

PDF document Shin-ichi Minato:
Finding Simple Disjoint Decompositions in Frequent Itemset Data Using Zero-suppressed BDDs
PDF document Shigeo Abe:
Training of Kernel Fuzzy Classifiers by Dynamic Cluster Generation
PDF document Antonio C. S. Branco, Alexandre G. Evsukoff & Nelson F. F. Ebecken:
Generating Fuzzy Queries from Weighted Fuzzy Classifier Rules
PDF document Bernd Wiswedel & Michael R. Berthold:
Fuzzy Clustering in Parallel Universes with Noise Detection
PDF document Hisao Ishibuchi & Yusuke Nojima:
Accuracy-Complexity Tradeoff Analysis by Multiobjective Rule Selection
PDF document Hong-Cheu Liu & John Zeleznikow:
Intelligent Computation for Association Rule Mining
PDF document Seunghyun Im, Zbigniew W. Ras & Agnieszka Dardzinska:
Building A Security-Aware Query Answering System Based On Hierarchical Data Masking
PDF document Nicolas Cebron & Michael R. Berthold:
Mining of Cell Assay Images Using Active Semi-Supervised Clustering
PDF document Sujaa Rani Mohan, E.K. Park & Yijie Han:
An Adaptive Intrusion Detection Systems using a Data Mining Approach
PDF document Juan K. Lin:
Structured Multinomial Models of Traffic Flow
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International Conference on Data Mining

Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence - University of Granada - Spain